A6 Windows recently worked on Diy Sos Manchester Homes for Veterans

The Big Build
diy sos manchester help the hereos

Paul with Nick Knowles from diy sos

A6 Windows

has over the last 14 days contributed its skills along side other volunteers to help the BBC’s DIY SOS Veteran’s Village project at Canada Street and New Street Newton Heath Manchester. Our team has been working alongside other constructions firms and volunteers to develop a veterans community by bringing 25 empty homes back into use in east Manchester.

The Team have Stripped out floors plus joists then renewed , Taken out walls , erected walls , fitted windows and doors , staircases , kitchens , made cabinets , fitting doors , assisting with the roofing, as well as providing general labour and support in all areas of the project with every one helping others "Nick Knowles even said the BBC thought it impossible " .

diy sos manchester help the hereos

Mark from the show

Paul from A6 Windows found out about the project on the evening of 14th september and promptly phoned customers up to rearrange jobs all of whom were fully understanding when they found out what A6 Windows were doing to help provide veterans with home.

diy sos manchester help the hereos

Cast from the show

During the first phase, eight of the street’s empty home were refurbished to create three larger adapted residential homes for veterans and their families one complete with lift for its amazing new tennent , one standard size property and a veteran walk-in support and advice centre – all by the end of September.

The aim of the project was to create a veterans’ housing community within the existing community, the advice centre will have a private space for therapy and counselling – run by Walking With The Wounded – and provide a space for community use.Training and employment opportunities are being developed for veterans and existing residents.

At the same time, street scene improvements will provide disabled access parking, a planting scheme will be introduced, and each of the 62 properties on the street will receive a facelift – ready for a group of veterans and their families to move in at the end of the month .

Nick Knowles, the BBC DIY SOS presenter, said: “We couldn’t have done this without the amazing support of all these trades. The enormous amount of help – in time, materials, labour and much more- is a tribute to our nation’s building industry.”

diy sos manchester help the hereos

Gabby from the show

diy sos manchester homes for veterans

Visit from Walking wounded

The Walking Wounded Visit the site 19th September 2015:

For me was an emotional day due to visit from the walking wounded a group of army veterans some of them amputees who are walking the country to raise money and awareness of the plight for many of our armed forces who are left with horrific injuries wether it be loss of limbs or the invisible mental issues that many have to deal with on there own while trying to integrate back into society . This same society us the public take for granted all because these veterans and those who now stand in there place put themselves in adversity every day so that our families can live the life we are accustomed to

diy sos manchester help the hereos

Finished outsides of properties

Completed properties will offer opportunities for veterans to get on the housing ladder with options including shared equity, discount purchase and rent to buy a home.

diy sos manchester homes for veterans

The reveal

The Charity Haig Homes will welcome any further support the construction industry can provide – especially as the project moves into its second phase where the remaining 17 empty properties will be refurbished by the charity Haig Housing. A6 Windows has offered further help to Haig Housing on phase two along with other volunteers from phase 1 .Hopefully this amazing project will roll out across the uk and our veterans will get the treatment they deserve after all they have stood in the face of danger so we can sleep soundly

A6 Windows has thoroughly enjoyed working alongside other amazing people who volunteered there help on this project the biggest ever done on Diy Sos and have met some life long friends

Discounts for Senior Citizens , Armed Forces and Reward the Volunteer scheme members

A6 Windows is committed to providing the finest products available, we will never compromise on the quality of our products or our workmanship. Our price promise to you is, if you find a cheaper quote in writing for your home improvements using the same quality of products, advanced installation techniques and backup service that matches A6 Windows, we will beat that quote or offer you a better product.Diy Sos Manchester Homes for Veterans